Exceptional Care

It's common for physical therapist to treat more than one client at a time in other practices; not at Theralution, not ever. There is no need to worry about visiting a therapist who only gives you 15 min of their time and then rush to the next patient. Nor do you ever have to worry to repeat your problem/case over and over again.  At Theralution, your professional partner will know the intricate details of your injury, rehab, and/or fitness goals.  With a one to one care model, it allows your therapist to give the undivided attention that you not only deserve but also pay for. As Theralution is not constrained by insurance contracts, this allows your therapist to be completely invested in your care and overall well being. By providing superior quality, focused effort and client education, this results in less therapy, quicker recovery and an exceptional personalized service.