It's simple, we love what we do and we do it for a purpose.

Theralution was founded by Dr. Victor Washington, a decorated military veteran of the United States Army who was injured while serving his country In Iraq. He is a dedicated physical therapist, a loving husband, and a die hard Redskins fan. After sustaining multiple injuries from a mortar attack during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Dr. Washington underwent rehabilitation at Walter Reed Army Medical Facility.  It was at Walter Reed when Dr. Washington not only experienced a life changing, but a career changing moment. It was his physical therapist, whose positive attitude, words of encouragement, and compassion that lead Dr. Washington to pursue a career to help others.

It was these very same principles that Theralution was founded and continues to uphold to this day. The compassion and care the company seeks to give its clients reflects the core values of which it stands by.  Theralution not only seeks to enrich lives through physical therapy and fitness but also by helping others through humanitarian efforts. We do this by partnering with non-profit charitable organizations dedicated to helping and creating real change in peoples lives. Learn more by visiting and reading the post entitled "New Direction".

At Theralution, we strive to challenge the status quo of stagnant ideas by thinking differently in order to evolve the field and techniques of rehabilitation. We do this in order to provide an enriching life for our clients through healthy life style transformation, physical fitness, preventive education, functional disability resolution and maintenance. Not to mention, this is done in the convenience and comfort of our clients ideal space. Call it, "therapy without boundaries."