What is it like to work with a Theralution professional partner? Read for yourself.

Theralution prides itself on being the most respectful, caring, and heart-felt therapists in the area and serves its clients with integrity, quality and professionalism. The staff of Theralution, serve as autonomous practitioners to those individuals who require the convenience and privacy of its services in their home and/or work setting.



First, our Professional Partner will schedule a consultation in your home or office at a time that’s convenient for you. When your professional partner arrives, this is your opportunity to divulge the intricate details of your case to a listening ear.  Your Professional Partner will complete a full evaluation including postural assessment, vitals, examination of movement, strength assessment, special test and educate you about your condition. This allows your professional partner to create a custom plan of care in order to achieve your mutual goals.

The distinguishing characteristic of Theralution is our personalized level of service provided by our professional partners. Theralutions staff, with their expert professional guidance is the reason why the business exists. When you sit down in the initial evaluation, there’s a high degree of technical proficiency at gathering the necessary information during the collaborative process in order to understand our clients impairments and limitations. We do this to create a unified plan using evidence-based practices in order to deliver results worthy of Theralution standards.  Developing a plan of care involves collaboration between you and your therapeutic partner. This process spells out the anticipated goals, expected outcomes, specific interventions and proposed frequency and duration of treatments.



A Theralution treatment session is unlike anything you’ve had before. We approach treatment sessions with an implicit understanding of our clients needs and tailor them accordingly. Therapeutic treatments vary from transforming full body sweat sessions, to carefully applied pressure techniques to balance the nervous system and ease an overactive mind.  Let us introduce you to the pleasure of a custom designed program designed for you from a Theralution professional partner.


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