11 Last Minute Gifts for Physical Therapist

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So time is counting down and you just remembered that you forgot to grab a gift for your physical therapist. Trying to figure out the perfect gift and what’s appropriate can be very hectic and confusing. The last thing you want to do is waste money on a gift that is going to spend some time in the back closet or better yet be regift to someone else later.

Below, I’ve listed 11 last minute gifts any therapist would love. Why do I call them last minute gifts? I call them last minute gifts because these are gifts you can pick up in a store or order online at least 3 days in advanced prior to the holidays. Any date beyond that point, good riddance to you. Before you check out the list, just remember the ABCD’s of gift giving so your gift will avoid the back closet-dating shuffle.

·      Avoid being insensitive and offending your therapist with your gift.

·      Be sure to include gift receipts.

·      Can you truly say that you put thought into your gift?

·      Does your gift make sense?

1.    A Fit Bit. 'Tis the season for cool gizmos and gadgets. Help your physical therapist keep track of their performance with upgraded style. With the all in one fitness app included, this is a great gift for the therapist with a little techie in them.

2.    Happy Socks. Figuratively, these socks can speak for themselves. Nothing starts a conversation like some happy socks. Check out the holiday gift guide for more inspiration.

3.    Race Entry. For the therapist who is a runner and hangs their medals in the clinic like badges of honor, this is the gift for them. Physical therapists tend to be competitive by nature. I’m pretty sure that likely you’ve heard them speak about their preparation for an upcoming race, all while they’re strategically digging into your trigger points.  Feed their competitive spirit with a gift that not only test their physical endurance but also supports a great cause like Team In Training.

4.    Baked Goods/Food. Please, Please, Please, no fruit baskets. Save your money. These items always seem to have the same fate; someone will sample a piece of fruit, then the rest will sit in the back office until its time to meet its maker. Better items to consider are baked goods or a party platter for the office. Here is one of my favorites. I call this the holy grail of all party platters; the Chick Fil A party platter.

5.    Groupon/Living Social Deal. Tried a new salsa class or visited a delicious Indian restaurant lately? Did you find these deals on Groupon or Living social? You can share these and many more unique experiences by purchasing a Living Social or a Groupon deal for your therapist. Remember the ABCD’s of gift giving; especially D. Does your gift make sense? Avoid purchasing skydiving lessons for a therapist who is afraid of heights! That doesn’t come across so well.

6.     Fitness Band w/ iTunes Gift Card.  With the new iterations of the iPhone coming out every year, I have yet to see someone carrying their iPhone 6/plus (Is it just me or does the device look like a small TV?) while working out. Gift your therapist a fitness band and surprise them with purchasing power by including an iTunes gift card inside.

7.    Pets Mart Gift Card. (My dog Buxton would love this one). You’ve probably heard your therapist mention or have seen photos of their furry companion. This is a great gift for the pet loving therapist. Nothing warms the heart and eases the pockets than a gift for more dog food and pet toys during the holidays.

8.    Scented Lotions. Physical therapists are constantly using their hands. It’s through their hands they’re able to change lives and help clients reach their goals.  Because of the constant washing after clients, their hands tend to crack and become dry very easy. Give the gift that keeps giving by supplying your therapist with scented hand care so their hands can continue to change the world one client at a time.

9.    Cold Weather Running Gear. Shopping for the active physical therapist? These are great gift especially for the cold winter months. Don’t forget the gift receipt just in case they may have to exchange it for a different size, fit or color.

10. Gift Card to Their Favorite Restaurant. Everyone loves to eat! Enough said. Just remember to include a decent amount for their significant other; no one wants to eat alone.

11.  Movie Tickets. One of the best gifts that I’ve ever received from a client was a pair of movie tickets. I recently went to the movies to see an IMAX film and tickets where $19 bucks a piece. Can you believe that? Not including the popcorn and soda combo, which was $13 bucks. Help offset the cost by including movie tickets in your Christmas card. They will surely come in handy for a quick date night.

There you have it! 11 last minute gifts for your physical therapist. Good luck and hopefully next year you wont be in the same predicament. Do you have any other suggestions? Feel free to comment below.

Posted on December 20, 2014 .